Sep 2015

Performance of unknown duration.

advanced packaging tool, bash, c, cobol, c++, erlang, fortran, go, haskell, intercal, java, nodejs, ocaml, perl, php, python, ruby

Software is an extremely fragile construct of human language.

The most robust and monumental works of software today can be crippled with a minor version update.

Advanced Packaging Tool has been around since 1998 and is a community standard for updating software on Debian GNU/Linux distributions and variants – the types of machines that often act as servers and run other utility based services. A diverse set of programs in a wide range of different languages are continually executed after advanced packaging tool checks for updates.

The work is a performance of fragility. A countdown until the contemporary version of computational vernacular is simplified or altered further to the point that the software can no longer function.

Upon compilation failure will the performance be considered complete.

Exhibited in Ephemeral Objects at SDAI and available curator notes.