Mar 2013

18" × 24"

javascript, d3, dna

2D represention of BRCA2

Limited release screen print series showing the BRCA2 gene. Part of ongoing Sanger Series, available for purchase through Biopop.

The Sanger Series is a collection of drawings I create which honor the beauty of DNA and fluorescent emission from radioactive sequencing. A pioneer of DNA sequencing in the early 1970s, the work of Frederick Sanger has paved the way for modern high-throughput methods. The works are intended to convey a narrative of developmental passage. Mapping genes that are affected by non- fatal mutations or have great variance in expression levels often provide the viewer with a close relationship to their phenotypic expression.

Using an algorithm I developed to model fluorescent radioactive emission output, the viewer is presented with a visually quantifiable drawing or surface. The works transcend the viewer from an observer to a scientist. The patterns and forms of the drawings attempt to share the sequential information stored in the gene. Forcing viewers to question the purpose of the lines, they attempt to understand the importance of a single base. Through genomic patterns, the foreign language expresses itself in a manner that becomes legible to even an untrained eye. The viewer leaves with a clear visual understanding of the patterns which encode the assembly instructions for their own embodiment.