Listen Up.

Dec 2010


java, opengl

rhetoric in view

People can often engrave great speeches from presenters with skilled rhetoric without question. The piece is intended to present the dangers of not being skeptics. The project's audio sources are examples of this, not just a resource. It is vital that people reconsider and question the source and possible implications of the data they're viewing.

From a distance, one can listen and absorb the message these speakers are trying to engrave very easily. It is only when the listener gets close and analyzes the message can the speaker's desires, intentions, and implications become depicted. If there is not deep inquiry to the motivations of the speaker, their words can be appreciated aesthetically regardless of their message.

Data in the form of audio files and text transcripts were used in this project. Pairings of each came from three speeches:

Key words are extracted from the text and displayed while stop words are displayed as particles. The audio from the speeches are overlaid and played back without alteration.

The project was made with custom software developed in java programming language and openGL graphics library. The computer camera is scanning for faces to determine whether or not a person is observing the piece. The longer a person is present, the clearer the text of the speeches become.

The different colors of the words indicate the different speeches they originated from.

  • FCF8BC - Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education
  • CACF43 - The Jonestown Death Tape
  • 0B8C8F - A More Perfect Union