Social Bubble

Nov 2010


javascript chrome

Facebook search vizualization in under 10KB of code

This is an HTML5 canvas experiment made at Skookum Labs in under 10KB of code to visualize what people are discussing on Facebook. Every bubble you see represents a wall post that contains the text you have entered. A bubble's size is determined by the length of the wall post. When viewing the contents of each bubble, feel free to click the user's name to see their profile.

The bubbles are in a simulated environment where their properties influences the actions and behaviors of the others. This interaction is intended to simulate the way people's activities on social networking sites can influence and distribute information collectively. Click on the canvas to attract the bubbles and interact with them using the mouse.\n\nSocial Bubbles is built using the Facebook Graph API. I suggest you familiarize yourself with online privacy if you have not already done so and reconsider how much you share using social profiles.